Wisdom culture

  • In Ancient Wisdom, the “formal name” of "human" is called "Homo sapiens", the “formal name” of our company is called "wisdom industry" , therefore, our company’s culture is known as "wisdom culture", which is our core values culture.

  • Wisdom culture is a kind of idea and expectation through long years of top-down, bottom-up consensus, which is the basis for the contemporary home all acts and guidelines.

  • For early businesses, perhaps "subsistence", i.e "money" is more important; for enterprise in earlier development, perhaps, "growth", or "scale" is more important; and for us - ΜΟΜΛ, which has entered the rapid development of the enterprise, its "moral", or "cultural values" is more important. What is our cultural values? Ethics, cooperation, responsibility, strict requirement, intellectual and emotion - we put ethics and credibility on more important status than our survival; we regard team and responsibility as more important than our profit; we regard energy saving and environmental protection as more important than our development; we regard the learning and knowledge as more important than our wealth; we look upon family and happiness as more important than any other things.

Connotation of ΜΟΜΛ

  • The Museum of Modern ArWisdomtecture-- New building of technological art

  • Since Beijing ΜΟΜΛ housing appears in 2002, people focus on "new ΜΟΜΛ", which will inevitably involve of ΜΟΜΛ as a cultural phenomenon and as an artectural space of exist, but we found both developments have shown that ΜΟΜΛ has become a kind of history along with “modernism”, which has the eternal time-sensitive meanings as defined by its name.

  • Modern Green introduced “MOMΛ” brand in 2002. Initially referred to as "The Museum of Modern Architecture", MOMΛ means the new building style comprising scientific and artistic factors. The LOGO is made up of "M" "O" "M" "Λ" . Two "M"s represent our home, "O" represents the origin of the universe; "Λ" represents people. The left half of MOMΛ symbolizes building; the right half symbolizes life. By explaining the relationship between building and life,“MOMΛ” is a perfect representative of Modern Land’s business philosophy high-tech buildings for wonderful life.

ΜΟΜΛ idea

Technology building Enjoy life Action of loving our home

Core Values

  • The Company pours herself to a homeland of “green technology + comfortable energy-saving + full-life cycle residential properties with mobile internet” .

  • Bring a real life experience by heart

  • Natural simplicity, harmony and health

  • Simple dedication, survive bravely and vigorously

  • Action of loving our home!

Contemporary fifteen

  1. Ethics, cooperation, responsibility, strict requirement, intellectual and emotion

  2. Team spirit, soul of dedication

  3. Spontaneous, immediate action

  4. Do in time, develop day by day

  5. Intimate communication, excellent service

  6. Work without an excuse, success depends on details

  7. Take the advantages of leaders as an example, and unconditional implementation of the task

  8. To be realistic and indomitable

  9. Democratic decision-making, firm implementation

  10. Only aims the first with fiery passion

  11. Good cooperation, sincerely treat others

  12. Seize the opportunity to create the conditions for opportunities

  13. Constantly upgrade themselves and struggle for their own

  14. Go all out dutifully

  15. Nothing is impossible, never give up