Wisdom culture

Connotation of ΜΟΜΛ

ΜΟΜΛ idea

Core Values

Contemporary fifteen

  1. Ethics, cooperation, responsibility, strict requirement, intellectual and emotion
  2. Team spirit, soul of dedication
  3. Spontaneous, immediate action
  4. Do in time, develop day by day
  5. Intimate communication, excellent service
  6. Work without an excuse, success depends on details
  7. Take the advantages of leaders as an example, and unconditional implementation of the task
  8. To be realistic and indomitable
  9. Democratic decision-making, firm implementation
  10. Only aims the first with fiery passion
  11. Good cooperation, sincerely treat others
  12. Seize the opportunity to create the conditions for opportunities
  13. Constantly upgrade themselves and struggle for their own
  14. Go all out dutifully
  15. Nothing is impossible, never give up