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President Zhanglei attended 15th session of People's Congress of Dongcheng District

Groundbreaking of Nanchang International ΜΟΜΛ

 Launch of RMB 1.1 billion Yuan of priority invoice  

Expansion of Jiujiang land 

Company anniversary celebration on January 18, 2014 

 Annual appreciation meeting for customers in 2014



Groundbreaking of Wuhan Guanggu Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ

Acquisition of Binjiang plot of Changsha 

Acquisition of Beijing Pinggu plot in cooperation with CIFI GROUP

Acquisition of Wuhan Economic Development Zone land

Groundbreaking of ΜΟΜΛ New City

Xiantao Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛwon two-star design logos on green building



Jiujiang Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛwon three-star design logo on green building    

The first meeting of the Board of Directors in 2014

Performance Announcement Meeting for 2013

Changsha Wanguocheng ΜΟΜΛwon two-star design logo on green building 

Changsha Kaifu Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ finished construction prior to planning and was entered in records 



The second EU Online Film Show

Opening of Hotel MoMc Man Lan Hotel 

Xiantao Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ won three awards

Groundbreaking of Beijing Caiyu Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ

Action of loving my homeland: climbing the mountains and planting trees



Groundbreaking of Wuhan Guanggu Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ

Acquisition of Changsha Binjiang Lot

Acquisition of Beijing Pinggu plot in cooperation with CIFI GROUP

Acquisition of Wuhan Economic Development Zone land

Groundbreaking of ΜΟΜΛ New City

Xiantao Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛwon two-star design logos on green building



Openning of Experience Center of Nanchang International ΜΟΜΛ  

The delegation of Beijing visited CIRS Canada

A memorandum of cooperation was signed with Shanghai Dongdu Group 

A strategic cooperation agreement was signed with Great Wall International, and Moweather

Opening of Nanchang International ΜΟΜΛ



Acquisition of Hefei Chief District Land

Half year wrap-up meeting for 2014

National marketing, Yunxiaobao APP was online

Issuance of $ 125 million of senior notes

Opening and selection of housing of Beijing Caiyu Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ 


Opening of science Habitat experience building of Changsha Binjiang ΜΟΜΛ 

Launch ceremony of ΜΟΜΛBrands release conference and Changsha Wanguofu ΜΟΜΛ 

ΜΟΜΛ People won the Best Behavior Award on Corporate Culture

Action of loving my homeland: ΜΟΜΛ help 120 children realize their dreams

Action of loving my homeland: care for LUDIAN and let love continues

Beijing Morden Land Caiyu Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ was sold out

"Subversion Sweeping A bright future" Real Estate Marketing Forum

Board of Directors on Interim Performance for 2014

Opening of Wuhan Guanggu Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ

Opening of Changsha Modern Land Wanguofu ΜΟΜΛ 


Interim Performance Announcement Meeting for 2014

Dongdaihe ΜΟΜΛ settled in the new office 

Opening of large cafeteria of Beijing Shangdi ΜΟΜΛ

Modern Land Zhongguoquan entered Taiyuan Wanguocheng ΜΟΜΛ



Opening ceremony of Hefei MOMΛ brand release and the "future building" experience museum 

Opening of grand two of Xiantao Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ 

Product launches of Wuhan Hanyang MantingchunΜΟΜΛ 

Acqisition of new city lot of Shunyi District of Beijing in combination with Beichen 

Performance Release conference for the third quarter

Acquisition of Shanghai Yu Jing and officially launched on Shanghai

No. 1 dinosaur was officially released


Opening of parking lot of Cheungsha Wanguocheng ΜΟΜΛ3.1 

Green Forum of Hefei ΜΟΜΛ Anhui merchants 

President Zhang Peng won the annual contribution figures of Huabiao award on real estate of China in 2014 



The 11th Elite Award 

Groundbreaking of Dongdaihe BaijinhaiΜΟΜΛ

No.1 dinosaur crowdfunding was initially offered

Groundbreaking of ΜΟΜΛ Beichen • Yue ΜΟΜΛ

Whole process crowdfunding release of ΜΟΜΛ Beichen COCO ΜΟΜΛ 

Internet Innovation Award for Real Estate in 2014



Executive Meetingof 2012 and Performance Task Meeting of 2013



“WentTo the Mountains and Look Ahead” Modern land 1.18 Anniversary Festivity

“Vision Spirit Capacity Perseverance” International Study and Investigate

2013 Modern Land (China) strategy sessions



LuDian earthquake relief Efforts Showing Love And Care For The Affected Area

“Love's Action” Tree Planting and Climbing Activities

Modern Land (China) won the 2013 China Real Estate Huabiao Award for Best Influential Brand Award



The Month of Human Resource Subject

The Activate Of Modern Land (China) Customer Service Performance system



Executive Meeting and Performance Task Meeting of 2013



Modern Land (China) was officially listed in theHong Kong Stock Exchange

Not Fear The Future and Scaling New heights of 2013



The 29th “New Climbers Camp”

The Successful Acquisition of land In Nanchang

Modern Land (China) Semi-annual board Meeting

Modern Land (China) 2013 Interim Results Released in Hong Kong

The Shanghai Government Officers visit Modern Land (China)

Houston administration business representatives were invited to visitModern Land (China)



The Teachers and Students of Cambridge University Visit Modern Land (China)

Modern Green won the China Real Estate Golden Palm Award for Most Socially Responsible Real Estate Developer of 2013



The Successful Acquisition of land In Wuhan

Modern Land(China) Issued $150 Million Senior Notes

The Green Real Estate Entered the age of Capital Operation

The Set Up of Hong Kong office

Vancouver's Largest Trade Delegation Visit Modern Land(China)

The Eight Skills of General Manager (Engineering Supervision) Project management professional) training

The season of Modern Land(China) ΜΟΜΛClimbing Recruiting



Modern Land (China)Signed a Strategic Cooperation Agreement With Wuhan Renxin



The Successful Acquisition of land In Beijing


In January

Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ Life Experience Center in Xiantao made its trial operation.

Office meetings of Work Summary of 2011 and Performance Task of 2012 of Modern Land were held.

MBS Milestone Implementation Table Platform was upgraded.

"Process with Thousands of Experience & Operation with Hundreds of Use" - the Division of Modern Land celebrated the orientation on January 18.


In February

The sales volume of Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ Project in Nanchang ranked at the 16th of the sales volume in the City.

A linkage was made between Nanchang and Jiujiang, and Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ in Xiantao made its debut.


In March

The sales volume of Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ Project in Nanchang rose to the 7th of the sales volume in the City.

Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ Life Center in Jiujiang was capped.

The resumed ceremony of Phase III of Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ in Changsha was held.

The public benefit activity of Megahall ΜΟΜΛ "Earth Hour" was held.

"Go All Out and Fulfill Due Diligence", the 27th Awakening Camp was held.


In April

The sales volume of Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ Project in Nanchang ranked at the top ten of the sales volume in the City. 

Phase I clubhouse of Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ in Nanchang was completed.

Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ Experience Center in Changsha made its debut.

"Love ΜΟΜΛ and Protect the Earth" - customized green living conference of Modern ΜΟΜΛ was held.

MBS performance management system was officially enabled.

"Nature and Simplicity Warms the Staffs of ΜΟΜΛ" - ΜΟΜΛ planting and mountaineering activity was held.


In May

The submitting rate of Phase II of Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ in Changsha reached 60%, selling out approximately 960 apartments.

 The 2nd, 3rd, 9th and 16th buildings of Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ in Jiujiang were capped; and the 6th and 15th buildings were granted pre-sale permits.


In June

The 7th and 9th buildings of Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ in Xiantao were capped.

"Guodian • Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ" Project started to break the ground.

Phase I residential apartments of Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ in Jiujiang passed the two-star design logo assessment of green buildings.


In July

The 15th building of Megahall ΜΟΜΛ (Taiyuan) started.

Modern ΜΟΜΛ Yunjie Club opened.

The launch ceremony of the self-driving travel campaign - Megahall "Tour of Finding the Freshness and the Great Beauty of Shanxi" was held.

Jiujiang Technology Habitat Museum opened.

The constant temperature swimming pool of Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ in Xiantao opened.

"Quick Marketing, Excellent Performance, and Seeking Breakthrough" - the office meeting on work summary of the first half of 2012 and performance task of the second half of 2012 of Modern Land was held.


In August

Phase 3.2 of Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ in Changsha started.

Modern Land Beijing Brand Center Conference was held and the media from Shanxi experienced a miracle journey in Beijing.

The President of International Real Estate Association visited ΜΟΜΛ.

The first "ΜΟΜΛ Cup" swimming competition was held.

"Quick Marketing, Excellent Performance, and Seeking Breakthrough" - the 28th Awakening Camp of Modern Land was held.


In September

The 1st building of Phase III of Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ in Changsha was capped.

The Italian style showroom of Dongjunfu ΜΟΜΛ was made public.

The 4th building in the northern area of Phase 3.1 of Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ officially started.

2013 Customer Service Special Work Preparatory Group was set up.

Modern Land attended the 4th Forum of the World Green Economy Wave.

Young officials and the EPA officials of ten ASEAN countries visited Modern ΜΟΜΛ.


In October

The 30-38 # buildings of Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ in Nanchang was capped.

The main structure of the 1st building of Phase 3.1 in the southern area of Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ was capped.

Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ Technology Habitat Experience Center in Xiantao opened.

Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ Technology Habitat Experience Center in Changsha opened

Jiangxi ΜΟΜΛ achieved the annual program budget cash collection target 2 months in advance.

Phase II of residential apartments of Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ in Nanchang got the two-star visual identity of the Green Building Award.

The 2013 Modern Land Level I process and five-operation rules started.

Modern Land signed a strategic cooperation agreement with China Academy of Building Research.


In November

Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ 28 # in Nanchang opened.

The 5th building of Mantingchun in Xiantao obatined the presale permit; and the 1st and 2ndbuildings passed the final acceptance.

The 18th building of Phase 3.1 of Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ in Changsha opened; and the presale permits for the 15th and 18th buildings were achieved.

Xuji Seafood, a famous high-end food and beverage brand in Changsha, settled in Changsha Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ.

The 12th building of Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ in Jiujiang was capped, the "Ziguangge" of the 7th building opened, and Phase I was completed.

Tree Music Experience Center settled in the Modern ΜΟΜΛ Houshan Art Center.

Dietmar Eberle, designer of the Magehall ΜΟΜΛ visited ΜΟΜΛ.

"Quick Marketing, Excellent Performance, and Seeking Breakthrough" - the incentive awards ceremony of Jiangxi ΜΟΜΛ was held.


In December

The ΜΟΜΛ Houshan Music Festival started.

The assessment work of 2012 of Modern Land started.

The customer satisfaction survey of "Action of Loving My Homeland - 2013 Customer Service Year" started.

"Focus on Stability and Fly against the Wind" - the annual sales volume of Modern Land reached 2.85 billion Yuan.

The American ΜΟΜΛ completed the MOMC project land trade settlement procedures of the 5th Green Homes in Houston.



Mr. Schumacher, the Asia Pacific CEO of Geberit, Mr. Qiaohui, the General Manager of China Geberit and his party, five people in total came to visit Modern Land.

Phase V club of ΜΟΜΛ Wanwanshu officially started.



"MOMΛ Men" published its 100th special issue.

Zhu Hanhao, the Party Secretary of Xunyang District of Jiujiang City led eight people to visit Beijing Modern ΜΟΜΛ.

Shen Baochang, the Vice Chairman of the Beijing Municipal CPPCC, led Wang Liru, Wen Ren and other leaders came to visit and inspect Modern Land.

Mr. Lepik, the Curator of Architecture Museum of Art and of ΜΟΜΛ Museum of Modern Art in New York, USA was invited to visit Beijing Modern ΜΟΜΛ, and Modern Land held the seminar themed with "Building • Life • Art" in Broadway Cinematheque.

Phase I multilayer listings of Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ in Nanchang with elevators made their grand opening.



The groundbreaking ceremony of Section I of Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ in Kaifu Changsha was held successfully on the construction site.



Modern Land signed a "Strategic Cooperation Agreement" with the American company, GDM Design Firm.

Modern Land and Shanxi Guodian Properties Company Limited, for the first time as project construction and project management units, developed the green real estate project.



Modern Land, Modern Real Estate and Modern Dongjun obtained the certificate of honor of "A-class tax credit enterprise".

Phase III of Megahall ΜΟΜΛ (Taiyuan) opened.

Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ in Nanchang was officially commenced.

Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ in Jiujiang was officially commenced.



The groundbreaking ceremony of Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ in Jiujiang was held solemnly on the project site – North Ring Road in Xunyang District, Jiujiang.

Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ officially entered Yangquan City.



Dongjunfu ΜΟΜΛ Experience Center officially opened.

The outreach point of Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ in Xiantao was opened up for the first time, attracting a large number of people to visit.



Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ in Xiantao was officially commenced.

Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ Experience Center in Nanchang warmly opened.



Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ in Nanchang received the highest logo of National Green Building Evaluation – three-star logo of green buildings, becoming the first residential project winning this award in Jiangxi Province.

Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ Experience Center and showroom in Jiujiang formally opened.

Mao Jiongyi, the Deputy Mayor of Dongcheng District, Beijing and his party came to visit ΜΟΜΛ.

The technological energy-saving model showroom of Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ in Xiantao formally opened.



Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ in Jiujiang opened gorgeously.

"First-level, Second-level, and Third-level Processes of Modern Land and Standard Operating Procedures" was officially issued.



Modern Land published a new book embodying technological strength - "New Buildings Towards ΜΟΜΛ Art Technology".



Modern Land issued "2010 Strategic Business Objectives and Worksheets of Modern Land", "2020 Standardized Product Line of Modern Land" and "CIS System of Modern Land".

Modern ΜΟΜΛ Homes Green Development Foundation was established.



The ΜΟΜΛ Art Festival gave a performance publicly.

The first low-carbon drama "Action of Loving My Homeland" from Chinese real estate circle was premiered.

Wang Youlan, the Director of the Ministry of Housing and Urban Construction Energy and Technology Department, accompanied by Ma Wei, the Director of Hunan Provincial Department of Construction Energy Efficiency and Technology Division and Wang Baijun, one of the building energy efficiency technology experts from Chinese Academy of Sciences inspected the ΜΟΜΛ (Changsha) Project.

Niels Petersen, the Danish architect led the Danish delegation visited Modern ΜΟΜΛ.

The groundbreaking ceremony of Phase III of Shangdi ΜΟΜΛ Project was formally held in the project site next to Shangdi Information Industry Park in Haidian District

Yue ΜΟΜΛ officially started.



Dongjunfu ΜΟΜΛ officially started.



Good-quality ΜΟΜΛ in Changsha officially started.

The new cluster of Mantingchun of Megahall ΜΟΜΛ (Changsha) opened.

Phase III of Shangdi ΜΟΜΛ, Yue ΜΟΜΛ made its grand opening, and the volume of transaction reached to 100 million RMB on the first day.



Modern Land (Hunan) Co., Ltd. was promoted to Level II qualification in terms of its real estate development.

A team from Hangzhou Kaiyuan Real Estate Group Co. came to Modern ΜΟΜΛ for exchanges and visits.



COCO ΜΟΜΛ officially opened.

The Japanese Shipu Design Firm led a delegation of designers to visit Modern ΜΟΜΛ.



The energy-saving model house of Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ in Nanchang was made open gorgeously.



Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ in Nanchang made its grand opening, and was sold out on the same day.



The representative of ΜΟΜΛ business development team in Jiujiang successfully bid the land of Lot 2010-18 of Jiujiang.

The second batch listings of Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ in Nanchang made its grand opening.



The first property rental service center was formally established.

Phase 1.1 of Megahall ΜΟΜΛ (Changsha) began on sale solemnly.



Phase 1.2 of Megahall ΜΟΜΛ (Changsha) began on sale solemnly.



Modern Land achieved the first-class development qualification for real estate.



iΜΟΜΛ officially started

The small apartments of iΜΟΜΛ made their grand opening.



Plots A and B of Phase II of ΜΟΜΛ Wanwanshu were sold out basically, and Plot C would be opened soon.

Megahall ΜΟΜΛ (Taiyuan) Project officially started



Modern Land obtained a plot in Qingshanhu District, Nanchang, and officially entered real estate market in Nanchang.



The ceremony of the structural capping of Section I of Phase I and the groundbreaking ceremony of Section II of Phase I of Megahall ΜΟΜΛ (Changsha) Project was successfully held.



The main structure of the Megahall ΜΟΜΛ (Changsha) Project passed the acceptance check.



ΜΟΜΛ Wanwanshu submitted the houses formally.



28 people from the Swedish Association of Architects came to visit Modern Land.

Liu Zhuozhi, the Deputy Director of Inner Mongolia Autonomous Region People's Government, led a government delegation team to come to visit and inspect ΜΟΜΛ. 



The 7th, 8th, 9th and 11th buildings of Shangdi ΜΟΜΛ Phase IV made their grand opening.



The French visiting delegation team of HEC EMBA of over 50 people visited Megahall ΜΟΜΛ and Modern ΜΟΜΛ.



Zhu Wenyi, the Dean of the School of Architecture in Tsinghua University and Li Xiaodong, a professor came to visit and inspect the Group.

Chen Jie, the Deputy Mayor of Zhenjiang, Jiangsu Province and his entourage came to visit and inspect the Group.



Mr. Frank Heemskerk, the Dutch Minister of Trade led the representatives of the Dutch companies came to visit and inspect the Group.

Modern Land signed the business cooperation agreement with American Dacra successfully.

Mantingchun ΜΟΜΛ in Nanchang officially started.



The Lot B of the Phase II of ΜΟΜΛ Wanwanshu achieved its complete capping.

Modern Land (Shanxi) Honghua successfully won the land use right of 186 acres of Changfeng Project.



Some people from the DHV Board visited and inspected ΜΟΜΛ Wanwanshu Project.

The Lot A of ΜΟΜΛ Wanwanshu was announced to be capped.

Megahall ΜΟΜΛ (Taiyuan) Project was officially announced to start its office building.



Modern ΜΟΜΛ held the capping ceremony, and come to the interior decoration period.



The 12th, 16th and 17th buildings of Megahall ΜΟΜΛ (Changsha) Project were capped ahead of time.



The plaque of "Modern Wuxin Organization" inscribed by Mr. Li Tiehua, a famous Chinese calligrapher, was unveiled.



Modern Land (Hunan) Co., Ltd. successfully achieved the use rights of the state-owned land of Plot I of Changsha Megahall ΜΟΜΛ Project.



Graemebooth, the representative of ABN Amro and Zhang Qingyuan, the executive director of Baode Holdings and other dignitaries came to visit Shangdi ΜΟΜΛ.



The famous architect, Richard Meier visited the ΜΟΜΛ project.



Modern Land and Sun Yat-sen University reached a framework cooperation agreement.

The main structure of the project---- Megahall POP ΜΟΜΛ was capped smoothly.



Wu Xuyu, the Director of Beijing Urban Construction and Environmental Protection Committee of CPPCC, Feng Keliang, the Deputy Director of Beijing Municipal Construction Committee, and Zhu Genli, the Director of Department of Materials led more than 20 leaders of Beijing Urban Construction and Environmental Protection Committee and Beijing Municipal Construction Committee to guide the work in person at Megahall ΜΟΜΛ.



The CPPCC delegation team led by Li Zhaochao, the Vice-chairman of the CPPCC National Committee visited the Group and inspected work. 



Modern Land published a new book embodying technological strength - "New Buildings Towards ΜΟΜΛ Art Technology".



The English website of Modern Land was launched, i.e. www.chinamg.com.cn.



Modern Land Group successfully acquired the Wanwanshu Villa Project.

ΜΟΜΛ Wanwanshu was officially commenced.



The former Swiss President, Mr. Joseph • Deiss visited Megahall ΜΟΜΛ International Apartment.

Signed a cooperation agreement with Swiss Karl Steiner Project Management (Beijing) Co., Ltd.



Modern Property Management Co., Ltd. formally signed the BeAll Project.

Housewarming ceremony of Modern Dongjun was held.


In October

Building 3 and Building 12 of Megahall ΜΟΜΛ International Apartment were formally submitted.

"Wuxin" Athletic Club was officially established in the Multi-purpose Hall of Modern Land.



Modern ΜΟΜΛ officially started.

Shangdi ΜΟΜΛ officially started.

The "Modern ΜΟΜΛ Music - 2005 Chinese and Foreign Songs Concert" co-organized by Lv Siqing Music Art Center was held at the Forbidden City Concert Hall.



The General Manager, Han Fengguo of Modern Hongyun and the architect, Steven Fortune signed the "Megahall North Design".

The first session of the Party branch committee of Modern Land was elected and produced.



The senior partners of Canadian PCJA Design Group, Mr. Mark • Rohando and Mr. Bruno • Weiruinini, as well as the Special Adviser Mr. Wei Liangming signed a cooperation framework agreement with Beijing Capital Engineering Co., Ltd.



The website of Megahall ΜΟΜΛ International Apartment was launched, i.e. www.chinamoma.com.



ΜΟΜΛ Architectural Engineering Branch of Beijing Ninth Urban Construction Engineering Co., Ltd. was officially established.



The new air distribution system developed by the R & D Center of Modern Land Group obtained the national patent.



Wang Qishan, the then Beijing Mayor visited and inspected Megahall MOMA International Apartment.

The former vice minister of the Ministry of Construction, Song Chunhua visited Megahall MOMA International Apartment, and gave a high evaluation.



Modern Land Group officially released the "Real Estate Development Strategy on the Theme of Science and Technology."



The opening ceremony of Modern Land (Shanghai) Investment Co., Ltd. was held.

The architectural research and design center of Modern Land Group was officially established.



It introduced the "Inside and Outside Exchange and Communication System of the Group (Trial)" and "Group Public Relations Library Management System".



The book of "Professional Mold" was published.



The website of MOMΛ Urban Homes made its wonderful debut, i.e. www.hopecity.com.

A new department of Modern Land – Integration Department was established.



The Vice Chairman of CPPCC National Committee and Chairman of National Federation, Huang Mengfu and his entourage visited the construction site of Megahall.



MOMΛ Urban Homes Club started its trail operation.

The boutique small apartments of MOMΛ Urban Homes made its grand opening, which immediately caused a sensation in the Zhongguancun.

Megahall launched another important project----ΜΟΜΛ International Apartment.



The showroom of ΜΟΜΛ International Apartment was officially completed and fully opened



"ΜΟΜΛ Property Quality Files" was newly revised.

The website of Beijing Capital Engineering Co., Ltd.: www.bce.com.cn was revised newly.



The joint marketing body awaited long by Modern Urban Real Estate Company and Haikai Jiyuan Real Estate Broker Company was run officially



Modern Land's advertising video "Modern - Building Happiness" was completed

Phase II of Modern City Home was officially started



Megahall ΜΟΜΛ was officially started



President Zhang Lei delivered a strategic report entitled "Second Venture of Modern"



Beijing Huade Weier Electrical Technology Co. Ltd. share-held by Beijing Capital Engineering Co., Ltd. was registered



"The First Autumn Culture Festival" was held.



Modern Land ushered in the Public Building of Modern Land at No. 1, Xiangheyuan Road



Modern Ganshou Real Estate Broker Co., Ltd. was formally established.

The Group's website: www.modern-online.com was fully revised.

Phase I of Megahall ushered in the first batch owners.



Modern Land founded its first internal publications ----"MOMΛ Tribune" and held the first conference of correspondents.



A new exhibition center of Modern Land made its debut, and started to hospitalize its customers officially.

Modern Land Tribune was founded, and it made its trial to issue the publications.

Modern Land officially launched the "Modern Land Visual Identification VI Handbook"



Modern Land held the "Megahall First Fraternity" in the Ballroom of China World Hotel



Modern Land Urban Homes was commenced.

The Advertising Review Committee was established.


In June

Modern Land established the Modern Land Transportation Safety Board.

The "River Groundbreaking Ceremony" of Megahall was solemnly opened.

Modern Land officially launched the ISO9000 quality certification system.



Beijing MOMΛ Real Estate Development Co., Ltd. held the opening meeting of MOMΛ Urban Homes Club and the first Customers Association Inaugural Meeting at the Olympic Club Hotel.



Megahall officially started

The first magazine hosted by Modern Land ----"MOMΛ Men" was firstly founded and started its publication, and the magazine got the internal publication printing permit issued by Beijing Press and Publication Administration.

Megahall Sales and Service Exhibition Center officially opened.

Modern Land reached a framework cooperation agreement with the Haier Group



The "Zhuwu Studio" established by Modern Land and the Haier Group was set up in Beijing



"MOMΛ People's News" was founded



Modern Land was established.